Datacom Sphere MultiChannel is a cloud based service that provides central management of content, abstracted from the digital channel.

This “content as a service” frees you from the constraints of a traditional Website Content Management System.

Datacom Sphere MultiChannel is a fully customisable, cloud-based content service, allowing you to manage and publish content such as lists of events, facilities, services, or any other content that is widely used.

The content service is independent of the channel, so it can be delivered through your website, a mobile app, social media (Facebook, Twitter), txt queries, digital signage, your Intranet and third parties, and can be a source for print.

Aggregated analytics are available across all your channels, as all requests come through the same service.

The content service allows multi-lingual text, images, rich content, map locations and file attachments – as well as custom fields of any type.

Templates are available for many channels, including website, mobile website, mobile app, txt, digital signage and PDF for print – or you can use your own channels, existing or new.

MultiChannel is only available under a monthly subscription model. It is hosted in the cloud, with high availability and redundancy across geographic regions - making it ideal for the provision of content critical to your business.

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